Bologna , 2019-2020.

Tautegory is a word coined in 1816 by Coleridge; tautegory means ”the translucence of the external through the provisional” or, as defined in the Oxford English Dictionary, ”expressing the same subject but with a difference.”

In my work, the difference is given by the passage of time. A bench becomes the pretext to tell the changes that occur in the space of the frame: it is not only time that modifies the space, but also the actions of the people who live it.

Every person who sat down, every change of light, every weather condition and every micro story that took place there changed the bench and the surrounding space.I like to observe the succession of stories and invent a personal narrative. With a voyeuristic look and from a different perspective, this project is a personal study of space and the people who live in it.


Movimenti fermi, Spazio Labò – Bologna 2019