Cortesie per gli ospiti

Sicilia, 2023

Cortesie per gli ospiti was born out of the discovery of some journalistic slides kept by my father along with family archival photographs.Using the slides as a filter, I photographed moments of everyday family life by making the members of my family and the subjects immortalized in the slides, unknown to me, coexist in the same image. Overlaying the archival image with the digital capture allowed me to welcome models, soccer players and ordinary people into the house that had guarded them for twenty years, creating a scene suspended between past and present. This allowed me to create a new memory in which the space perceives the encounter but the subjects are not fully aware of it until the two worlds, so distant, become one image. Courtesies for Guests thus deals with the conflict, the thin line that divides, public and private always leaving it to chance , so that the internal dynamics of the project cannot be fully controlled.

Book A5- Cortesie Per gli ospiti